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@yatima1460 yatima1460 released this Aug 12, 2019


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Aug 6, 2019

@yatima1460 yatima1460 released this Aug 4, 2019

  • Double clicked AppImages will first be marked executable with chmod +x
  • Then are launched directly without using xdg-open.
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@yatima1460 yatima1460 released this Aug 3, 2019

  • Can search inside files with "content:string to search"

A file will be searched for content if:
1.The search string begins with "content:"
2.Extension is approved as "plain text file" in the "The Internet media type registry" at
3.Or if it's a .md markdown file, because strangely enough the standard is actually .markdown and not .md
PDF and DOCs need processing and that would slow down even further, also I would need a pdf and docs library, do they even exist for D? And I would probably need to use a C one and bind that and test it, it's a lot of work for a marginal case for now

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@yatima1460 yatima1460 released this Aug 3, 2019

  • LLVM support (LDC2)
  • Purge almost all OOP
  • Pure GTK C binds, no more need for gtkD
  • Minimum GTK is now 3.16
  • Row select effect on mouse hover for better readability
  • Small grid in the list
  • Bundle all sources together for one big compilation for faster performance, no more Backend linking as separate library
  • GTK UI is now data based, with, not hard-coded, it's compiled in the Release version instead of read in the Debug version
  • Now icons are assigned by reading standard mime.types
  • No more Logger.d, we use the new default D language log system
  • Debug mode enables stack stomping and always stack frame
  • Release mode disables bounds checks for faster performance
  • No more need for DRILL_VERSION
  • Progress bar for crawlers in the search bar
  • Don't create crawlers if the mountpoint is in the blocklist
  • Rewrote function for better human readable file size
  • New domain:
  • No more Tools directory, simpler version
  • remove CPU branch from drill_active_crawlers_count
  • removed some CPU branches from crawlers hot paths
  • round icon
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Aug 2, 2019
Aug 2, 2019
Aug 2, 2019
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