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GSOC plan9 code

original image, based on which we create our own amd64 kernel

To run our amd64 kernel

1. install the iso

2. mkdir -p /amd64/bin/^(ape auth aux bitsy dial disk fossil fs games ip ndb oventi pub replica upas usb venti aux/jot aux/style ip/httpd) /amd64/lib/ape

3. copy 9K to /sys/src

4. copy PART1 to kinds of directories

5. cd /sys/src/cmd; for(a in 6a 6c 6l)@{cd $a && mk clean && mk install}

6. copy PART2 to kinds of directories

7. cd /sys/src; objtype=amd64 mk install

8. mk clean in /sys/src && rm /amd64/lib/\*.a

9. copy AMD64\_compiler into /usr/glenda

10. cd 6a && mk install;  cd 6c && mk install ; cd 6l && mk install; cd cc && mk install

11. cd /sys/src/ && objtype=amd64 mk install

12. copy PART3 to kinds of directories

13. cd /sys/src/9k/k10/ && mk install  it makes 9k10cpu and 9k10cpu.elf for use
9k10cpu is plan9 bootable, while 9k10cpu.elf is used for QEMU

14. PART4 forces the code return to normal MCS, when runing the kernel, it is OK for up to 4 cpus in
QEMU and KVM, but some problems happened when using 8 cores.

This kernel in step 13 is with MCS and monitor and mwait
There is a bug when running on QEMU, not sure it is caused by QEMU or not. 
When using more than 1 cpu, registers dump and kernel crash

Note, there is a bug on Ubuntu 13.04 for QEMU which prevents the instance takes root 
from remote file server and auth server.
Using the mainstream code solves this problem, git clone git://

some useful docs for setting up auth+fs+cpu server,
and plan9 wiki, of course!