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For discussion about new possible Yeslabs projects
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What is Yes Labs?

Yes Labs is a place for people interested in Scottish Independence to discuss and collaborate on projects. If you:

  • Have an idea for a project that could help Independence
  • Are interested in using your skills to contribute to a project (design, development, stats, policy, copywriting, all skills welcome)
  • Are part of an independence group and would like help with web / tech related things

Then this is the place for you!

How do I participate?

Visit our Github Issues page, this is where we are currently listing projects and discussing ideas. Please feel welcome to open new issues if you have an idea for a project or something you would like to discuss.

It is early days for Yes Labs and this is one of the main areas we will be working on so very happy to hear suggestions for how you think it would be easiest to start participating.


We have a Code of Conduct, please check it out and understand we will be taking it seriously. Discussions about politics can often get passionate so please take care to keep things on topic, be sensitive to other people's perspectives and try to give others the benefit of the doubt. If you feel like anyone has crossed a line please email me at and it will be dealt with seriously and confidentially.

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