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Time-stamp: "2014-07-30 16:48:20 yifan"


Please read aloud to fetch the email:

  • yifanj2007 AT gmail DOT com
  • yfjiang AT suse DOT com

Development Guide

Goal of this sumasia14 branch

While Snoek is a comprehensive office stuff management tool, we only use the voting part of the toy for the summit to decide summit logo designs. So most of the stuff unrelated with the voting subsystem has been taken out from this branch.

To paly with the voting system, "activities" app is the core code to hack.

Specifically for the sumasia14 logo contest, we will need to do the following stuff:

  • update snoek to a recent stable/secure Django framework (1.6.5) (Done)
  • add an registration feature (Done, need more testing and code review)
  • add an openid login feature (Done, need more testing and code review)
  • add picture support as voting items (Done, thanks Xudong aka zxdvd)
  • unified UI adjustment
    • registration page (done)
    • openid login page (done)
    • voting page (50%, making it more consistent with login page)

Get the code

You can retrieve the code by cloning this repo:



  • Python>=2.6.5 (core python)
  • Django==1.6.5 (python module)
  • Odfpy==0.9.2 (python module)
  • A static http server (Apache, lighttp, etc.)

Notice: It is highly suggested to use 'pip install' to install python modules.

Hosting static content

Link the static content (css, image) to the root of your http server.

snoek/$ sudo ln -s $(readlink -f ./media) $your_static_http_root

The following is an example of my development environment. The static http root is in /srv/www/htdoc

$ find /srv/www/htdocs/ -maxdepth 1 -type l | xargs ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 32 2012-07-30 13:28 /srv/www/htdocs/media -> /home/yifan/project/snoek/media/

Create settings.py

  1. Make a Copy settings.py.sample

     snoek/$ cp settings.py.sample .
  2. To edit settings.py for your own testing environment, usually you only need to modify the MEDIA_URL value:

     MEDIA_URL = 'http://localhost/media/'

to make it point to your static server's root URL. This makes the css, image, jquery canbe imported to Snoek.

Create database

It is fairly simple to start a new empty database in snoek:

snoek/$ python manage.py syncdb

Notice: you will be asked to set a super user's password of the database.

Meanwhile we also provide a sample database with test data populated for your experiments, to make use of it, simple make a copy:

snoek/$ cp db.sqlite.sample db.sqlite

Run testing server

To only run the voting system:

snoek/$ python manage.py runserver localhost:8080

Play snoek

After running the testing server, open you browser and visit the url http://localhost:8080

For administration, visit the url http://localhost:8080/admin and login with the super user you set in the "Create database" section. Ordinary users could be managed in the adminitration pages.

Patch submission

Let's just use any of the ordinary processes:

  1. Send a Pull Request from github

  2. Send a patch by email using git format-patch



  1. Login the web site and click an activity you are interested in
  2. Attend the vote by clicking Take Vote section
    • You could only have one chance of voting at the moment
    • You will not be able to vote for an activity if it is outdated
  3. The statistics of votings are shown in the section Voting Results
    • If only one vote is in the activity, there will be only one table to describe the results
    • If multiple votes are created in the activity, multiple tables would be generated to describe:
      • one dimension data for each votes
      • two dimension data for for possible combinations of any two of the votes
    • All voters' favourite choice can be found by clicking 'Who vote what' link
    • The ODF format of voting results can be downloaded by click 'Download me'
    • You may change your password by clicking the tiny icon beside the user name