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@@ -259,6 +259,16 @@ Will produce "Snoopy is dog and it loves Yii!".
In the expression `female` and `male` are possible values. `other` handler values that do not match. Strings inside
brackets are sub-expressions so could be just a string or a string with more placeholders.
+You can use i18n in your views to provide support for different languages. For example, if you have view `views/site/index.php` and
+you want to create special case for russian language, you create `ru-RU` folder under the view path of current controller/widget and
+put there file for russian language as follows `views/site/ru-RU/index.php`.
+> **Note**: You should note that in **Yii2** language id style has changed, now it use dash **ru-RU, en-US, pl-PL** instead of underscore, because of
+> php **intl** library.