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Erlang CBOR encoder/decoder


  • Erlang 17.0 or higher: cbor-erlang uses erlang maps to represent map, which introduced from 17.0.


  • Optimized: no sub-binary is created while decoding, hot code path is built with single jump table built by pattern matching.
  • Tested: contains all testcases on standard documents.
  • Correct floating-point implemntation: can decode floating points that are not supported by language: half-presition floating points, NaN, (+-)Infinity.

Decoder mappings


  • Both byte string and UTF-8 string is mapped to binary.
  • All numbers(integers, bignums, floating points) are mapped to number.
  • Lists are mapped to plain lists, maps are mapped to maps.


  • Bignums are decoded to numbers.
  • Date/time string (tag 0) is mapped to {timetext, Binary}
  • Epoch-based date/time (tag 1) is mapped to {timeepoch, Number}
  • Other tags are mapped to {tag, TagId, Value}

Encoder mappings

Encoder encodes erlang terms to CBOR-encoded iolist. iolist_to_binary could be used if you need single binary output.

  • Numbers (fixed-size numbers, big numbers, floating-point numbers) are supported.
  • All binaries are encoded to byte strings.
  • Atoms true, false, null, undefined are suported.
  • All lists/maps are encoded to break-terminating format.


  • cbor-erlang does not distingiush byte string and UTF-8 string while decoding. Some invalid CBOR tagged values could be decoded without problem, for example date/time string (tag 0) with byte string data items. The bug should be fixed later.
  • No error reporting on encoding/decoding: no detailed error information is provided to caller, for example why encoding/decoding is failed or which byte decoder failed to decode.
  • Decimal fraction (tag 3) and bigfloat (tag 4) is not supported.
  • Add faster encoder which generates non-canonical CBOR data.