install Cloudera's distribution of Hadoop including Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Search (Beta)
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The available playbooks can be used to:

  • setup a CDH based Hadoop cluster via Cloudera Manager and integrated Cloudera Search

  • [planned]

    • setup a CDH based Hadoop cluster without the usage of Cloudera Manager
    • install Cloudera Manager on top of an already running Hadoop cluster

Cloudera: Ansible:


  • oracle jdk1.6 is highly recommended by Cloudera, ensure you have no other java version on your cluster nodes. The playbook will install the corresponding oracle jdk
  • the playbook will connect as user root to the cluster nodes. If you have a desired user, edit the header section of the playbooks accordingly
  • all your nodes are installed with a plain Debian Squeeze. Cloudera's packages seem to work on Wheezy also, but I have not tested it currently.
  • ansible is installed on your client, e.g. your workstation, as described under, and this Github repo has been checked out

What to adjust for your environment ?

  • edit config/hosts and replace the node names hadoop-pg-[1-5] by the DNS names of your nodes. Replace the names for the roles 'namenode', 'jobtracker', 'clouderamanager' accordingly

  • edit vars/base.yml and set the corresponding hostname of the node which acts as Cloudera Manager node

Ansible usage hints

  • add parameter -v/-vv/-vvv for increasing verbose output of the commands ansible is executing
  • remove parameter -k if you have passwordless ssh connection from your client to the cluster nodes

How to handle the playbooks ?

  1. setup a CDH based Hadoop cluster via Cloudera Manager including integrated Cloudera Search