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YNAB API Starter Kit

Want to build a web app with the YNAB API but not sure how to get started?

Try this YNAB API Starter Kit!


View a live demo of what this project will start off looking like or take a look below.

kapture 2018-03-28 at 12 37 23


  • Install Node.js.
  • In your terminal, run npx ynab-api-starter-kit my-ynab-app

This will:

  • Create a copy of this project on your computer.
  • Install all the dependencies.
  • Start up the server ready for development.


If you're looking for a little less magic:

  • Use git to clone it: git clone
  • From within the folder, run npm install
  • Then run npm start

Create An OAuth Application

Go to the YNAB Developer Settings and create a new application.

You'll see your client id, client secret and redirect URI(s).

Copy and paste your client id and redirect URI into the src/config.json file.


Check out the YNAB API Documentation for more information on how to use the YNAB API.

This example uses Vue.js but it is not required. Feel free to use whatever framework or libraries you prefer.

npm start

Runs the development server (defaults to localhost:8080) and watches for changes.

npm run build

Builds the production assets for deployment. This will build to dist/build.js which the index.html will load.


In the script portion of this page, you can see how to build an OAuth URI to obtain an access token for the API.

It also has some examples on retrieving budgets and transactions.


This displays all the transactions when you've got them. It also has an example of using utils.convertMilliUnitsToCurrencyAmount to convert the milliunits that YNAB uses into the currency format of the budget.



GitHub Pages

If you have a GitHub account, fork this repo. You can now modify your fork, run npm run build, commit and push the code. Your app will be live on https://[yourgithubacccount]


Copyright (c) 2019 You Need A Budget, LLC

Licensed under the Apache-2.0 license

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