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Monitoring YODAOS edge in real time
C++ Shell CMake
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Yoda Monitor

License Build Status

Collect and upload system data in real time. Currently supports the following features:

  • Total CPU usage and usage on per CPU.
  • CPU usage on per process.
  • System available memory.
  • System battery info.
  • PSS usage on per process, map PSS to file.
  • Monitor comredump file, compress and upload automatically.


  • libcurl android armeabi-v7a is built-in


$ git clone
$ cd yoda-monitor
$ cmake .
$ make

The above builds an executable yoda-sixsix in your CMake build directory.

Command line arguments

options description
-v print version
-conf set configure json path
-b running in the background
-l set log file directory to write log to files
-d set log level, [verbose, info, warn, error, fatal]

Configure json structure

options description
unzipRoot temporary file directory, default value is /tmp/
sysroot set sysroot, default value is /
uploadUrl set coredump file upload server url, coredump will not upload if this value is not set
coredumpDir set coredump file generate directory, default value is data
disableUpload set 1 to disable upload data
smapInterval set smap collect interval, default value is 1000 milliseconds
smapSleep set sleep time after collected smap, defaule value is 300 * 1000 milliseconds
bufferCount set ws message buf count, default count is 100
serverAddress set ws server address
serverPort set ws server port
sn mock a sn, read from host by default
hardware mock a hardware type, read from host by default


$ ./yoda-sixsix -conf ./sample/conf.json


Apache 2.0 license

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