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For the first, my goal is to make the code small, and modular, to fit more modules into the Chronos.

Changes, merges, project status
  - Forked from Poelzi
  - Little date bug fixed Dobfek
  - altitude.c merged from monterosa, from
  - WARNING!!! Some special altitude related modules will not work now(like altitude accumulator(reported by anilgulecha), etc...), because of the new altitude.c doesn't have them.(WILL BE REPAIRED!)
  - Chooseable oldschool pushbutton light(TI firmware 1.5) from Wami
  - Chooseable pressure filter from Wami
  - You can disable altitude metering(I think it's not too useful.), pressure metering is fix, but will be modulized. Dobfek
  - Display style of 6 and 9 is chooseable between normal, and 6 without top segment, 9 without bottom segment. 7448 style. Dobfek
  - Few redesigned, more readable characters from me(V, S, Z), and few merged from anilgulecha(7, G, J).
  - Leading zero for hour is merged, fixed, and chooseable from anilgulecha Commit: 1d14eb8b44bb3ebfa4ac8a820de8b7b432285cb8
  - Dependency related "rare" bug reported by anilgulecha is solved. Dobfek
  - Unavailable modules removed from reported by anilgulecha is solved. Dobfek
Getting Openchronos build on Ubuntu 11.04:
And howto from me:



Updates the hidden menu RFBSL to work better.

== Status ==

Should be fully functional.  The hidden menu RFBSL places the wireless
update (RFBSL) menu entry as a sub-menu with the battery voltage monitor.

This update makes toggling between the battery and rfbsl behave like a
normal submenu (uses the down arrow), as well as fixes some pre-processor
issues.  Specifically, disabling the battery voltage monitor AND enabling
the hidden rfbsl menu would result in no rfbsl menu, forcing the user to
use the (SLOW!) USB programmer for the next firmware upload.

To-do idea (from gibbons): merge the battery, rfbsl, and sync functions
all into one menu (a "hardware" or "tools" menu, for example). Ideally,
also make it easier to pick and choose from these three options without
needing ridiculous preprocessor commands, e.g.
#if !defined(CONFIG_BATTERY) && defined(CONFIG_DISCRET_RFBSL) && ...

== Requirements ==


== Supported Compilers ==

   Working combinations:
   gcc=4.4.3 binutils=2.20.1 libc=20100430

IAR msp430

Patches for more (more efficient) compilers are welcome :-)

== HOWTO ==

Copy gcc/intrinsics.h into [msp430-gcc-path]/msp430/include/intrinsics.h

To configure your image, run:

   make config

which will generate a config.h file that contains the settings for your build.

To compile the image run:


It is HIGHLY suggested to make a clean build before you flash the image with:

   make clean main

== Problems ==

 * Compile / Link problems:
   If you get error messages like this one:

     msp430/bin/ld: build/eZChronos.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `text'
     .../msp430/bin/ld: section .vectors loaded at [000000000000ff80,000000000000ffff] overlaps section .text loaded at [0000000000008000,0000000000013343]
     .../msp430/bin/ld: region `text' overflowed by 13250 bytes
     collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

     section .vectors loaded at [0000ff80,0000ffff] overlaps section .data loaded at [0000ff4e,0000ffcb]

   Your image is simply to large and will not fit into the flash. Try to disable some modules with make config and try again
   Or even better, send some patches that reduce code size ;-)

== Difference to the TI Firmware ==

 * More Features that can be configured with make config
 * Day of week
 * Disable 12h support (saves space)
 * Sleep Phase Clock - primary designed for
 * The wireless flashing starts differently:
   Select RFBSL, Press DOWN to unlock, Press # long to start
 * No BlueRobin support. BlueRobin is a closed source binary blob.
   We don't have a compatible object file for that
 * Pressing STAR and UP long sets silent mode (no beep)

== Usefull Tools ==
 * mspdebug - debugger, proxy for gdb, flasher, ...
 * msp430static - static analyzer for sourcecode
   run 'make source_index' to index all source files


TOTP Feature for OpenChronos - Open Source Firmware for the TI EZ430-Chronos Watch



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