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JSON streaming parser
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N o g g i t

Noggit is the world's fastest streaming JSON parser for Java.


  • Fast! Measured as the fastest JSON parser on char[], String input.
  • Streaming API (StAX/pull-parser like) for both easy and efficient parsing.
  • Conforms to JSON standard:
  • Conforms to JSON standard:
  • Memory efficiency:
    • Incremental parsing (Reader-based) in order to handle huge messages.
    • A single byte of state needed per nested object or array.
    • Doesn't read large objects (including primitives) into memory unless asked.
    • Can eliminate most copying, allowing user to provide value output buffers.
  • Can handle primitives of any size (does not attempt to parse numerics into a certain language primitive unless asked).
  • Simple serialization of objects (List, Map, etc).
  • Optional creation of objects (List, Map, etc) when parsing.

Syntax Features (Optional):

  • Single-line comments using either # or //
  • Multi-line comments using C style /* comments in here */
  • Single quoted strings.
  • Unquoted object keys. Example: {answer : 42}
  • Unquoted string values. Example: {first: Yonik, last: Seeley}
  • Allow backslash escaping of any character.
  • Allow trailing commas and extra commas. Example: [9,4,3,]
  • Handle nbsp (non-break space, \u00a0) as whitespace.
  • Optional opening and closing brackets. "a" :"Val1", "b" : "Val2" is equivalent to {"a" :"Val1", "b" : "Val2" }
  • Optional comma between objects {"a" :{"b:"c"} "d": {"e":"f"}} or [{"a":"b"}{"c":"d"}] are all valid
  • Optional colon between key and value {"a" {"c":"d"}} and {"a" ["b","c"]} are valid
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