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A Modul for MagicMirror to display your Fortnite Stats
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Magic Mirror Modul - FortniteStats

You need:


  1. Download this Project

  2. Place it in your MagicMirror\modules path

  3. Rename the folder from MMM-FortniteStats-master to MMM-FortniteStats

  4. Open MMM-FortniteStats.js (edit) at the top of the file, change "Authtoken", "Nickname" and "Platform"

  5. Open the MagicMirror config (MagicMirror/config) edit config.js

  6. Insert

    { module: ‘fortnite’, position: ‘bottom’, },

  7. You can change the position, but i made it for bottom

  8. Start MagicMirror

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