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About Meld

Meld is a visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers. Meld helps you compare files, directories, and version controlled projects. It provides two- and three-way comparison of both files and directories, and supports many version control systems including Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Subversion.

Meld helps you review code changes, understand patches, and makes enormous merge conflicts slightly less painful.

Meld is licensed under the GPL v2 or later.


  • Python 2.7
  • GTK+ 3.14
  • GLib 2.36
  • PyGObject 3.8
  • GtkSourceView 3.14

Build requirements

  • intltool
  • itstool


Meld can be run directly from this directory. Just type:

  • bin/meld

Alternatively, you can install Meld system-wide by running:

  • python install

or if you're on Ubuntu, instead try:

  • python install --prefix=/usr

...but you should probably just get a RPM/deb/installer instead, depending on your system. Meld packages are available for just about every *nix distribution.

For Windows users, MSIs are available from the Meld home page.

For OSX users, Meld can be installed on OSX using MacPorts/Fink/etc. There are also unofficial native builds available for older releases. See the wiki for details.


Meld uses standard distutils for building. It supports anything that distutils supports, and little else.

Additional hacks are added to make life easier for packagers where required, such as:

  • Passing --no-update-icon-cache will stop Meld from running gtk-update-icon-cache post-install
  • Passing --no-compile-schemas will stop Meld from trying to compile gsettings schemas post-install

These arguments need to be passed to itself, not to the install command. In other words, do this:

python --no-compile-schemas install

not this:

python install --no-compile-schemas


Home page:



Mailing list: