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Enhanced numerical stability in information density for Rayleigh Block-fading MIMO no-CSI
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Shannon theory describes fundamental limits of communication and compression systems. Classic closed-form results (such as the well known log(1 + SNR) formula) apply only to the regime of infinite blocklength (infinite packet size/ infinite delay).

For finite blocklengths, no closed-form results are usually obtainable, but there exist tight upper and lower bounds on fundamental limits, as well as approximations. This repository provides numerical routines to compute these bounds and these approximations for some popular channel and source models.


Achievability bounds, converse bounds and approximation for the following source and channel models:

  • AWGN and BIAWGN single-antenna channels
  • Quasi-static fading multi-antenna channel
  • Rayleigh block-fading multi-antenna channel (no CSI)
  • Rayleigh block-fading multi-antenna channel (full CSI at receiver)
  • Binary symmetric and binary erasure channels
  • Binary memoryless source and Hamming distortion
  • Gaussian memoryless source and quadratic distortion

Getting started

Consult the toolbox manual. For the latest version,

  cd documentation
  make manual.pdf

Want to contribute?

The toolbox is under development and the participation of additional members of the information and communication theory communities to this endeavor is warmly welcomed!

For questions and access permissions: email fblcode-list@mit.edu

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