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Lamdamoon Metaverse

The core mechanism in Lamdamoon Metaverse is NTF Engineering and its relationship with main fungible tokens ( LDM and LDDM ), which play important role in gameplay, in-game economic, play-to-earn incentives, and governance.

Before continue, please read about story & gameplay first.

This repo provides an overview of tokenomic, NFT Engineering and its implementation in Solidity.

Now we are going to discuss about 2 main fungible tokens : LDM and LDDM

For detail of NFT, please see NFT Composition

Lamdanium - LDM

A new metal found on Lamda planet, which can be mined and has a lot of superior properties compare to titanium and vital for advanced equipment/weapon building. It is consumable and also main currency in the game.

You should read PvE gameplay first to know more about reward mechanism.

Default max supply : 200M, this is the hard limit of LDM be mined on Lamda planet

Full supply : 100M

Initial circulating supply : 21M, from

  • IDO - 8M
  • Community Building - 8M
  • Treasury - 5M

Circulating supply will heavily depend on amount of LDM earned in the game and consumed in NFT Engineering or burnt in Lamdanium Reactor for Lamda Dark Matter.

Reward in early stage will be taken from 10% of 100M tokens, then will be minted until reaching Max supply.

By design, maximum inflation rate should be between 15% - 20% annually, it should take 5 to 7 years to reach default max supply limit. As a result, LDM reward rate is controlled by governance and limited to not exceed inflation ceiling. The ultimate purpose is to maintain a balance between benefit of gamers and economy health of the game.

We all know that both hyper-inflation and hyper-deflation are not good for any economy, therefore max supply limit may be adjusted by governance in a distance future ( when the game jump to Chapter 4, which will explore other planets )

How to obtain

  • Buy on market
  • Rewarded in PvE by clearing a land plot on Lamda planet for the first time
  • Stake Mining machine NFT items on Lamda land plots, majority of LDM will be earned in this way
  • Winning and take from other players in PvP
  • Rewarded in community events


  • Currency for NFT exchange
  • Essential for infrastructure, equipment, and weapon NFT minting
  • Burnt to produce Lamda Dark Matter
  • Consumed in NFT Engineering process

Lamda Dark Matter - LDDM

A rare and mysterious substance discovered in alien artifacts on Lamda, which can be produced only by using Lamdanium Reactor.

It allows human to build new tele-portals between Earth and any planet in Lamda Solar System. Anyone possess most LDDM will be able to control Lamda Solar System, hence it is governance token.

Supply : not available until the game running for a while.

LDDM is governance token, unlike other projects, the only way to mint new LDDM is by burning LDM. This mechanism helps to mitigate the issue of "buying token for voting, then sell them", it represpents commitment of parties in Lamdamoon governance.

Just note that, in early stage, for smooth and fast development, governance is dev team itself, until coin-voting governance is enabled.

How to obtain

  • Buy on market
  • Burn a large amount of LDM in Lamdanium Reactor


  • Governance, e.g. control treasury spending on public goods, vote on reward rate...
  • Essential for creating new tele-portals as well as special equipment/weapon NFTs
  • Consumed in NFT Engineering process


Open Source Love

Refer LICENSE file in this repository.