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Keep a note just like post a weibo!


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1. Features


  • Multi tags
  • Markdown
  • Latex
  • Support fully private mode
  • Shortcuts


  • Codemirror Markdown Editor
  • Continued List
  • Auto Indent List (Tab and Shift + Tab)


  • Markdown Preview (like github preview or Ctrl + Space)
  • Raw content (like github)
  • Hide a note
  • Top a note
  • Archive a note

2. Demo
demo user: weinote
demo pw: 9vzVABUa30LSldiVVJt5

3. Install with Docker


cd directory/you/want/to/run
mkdir weinote && cd weinote
wget && wget && chmod +x
docker-compose up -d

Signup, the default port is 3081, e.g.:

Disable signup

After you signup,in file docker-compose.yml, change allow_signup: "true" to allow_signup: "false",So others cannot sign up. After update, you can reload weinote with the following

docker-compose up -d


Use Nginx for your domain,and Certbot for https

Update from the latest image

docker-compose down && docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

Multiple instances

You can find how to create multiple instances at the following example (with notes):

4. Shortcuts

  • Mac OS:

    • Ctrl + N : Go to Create page

    • Alt + N : Open Create page at a new page

    • Ctrl + H : Go to Home page /notes

    • Ctrl + A : Go to All notes page /notes/all

    • Ctrl + C : Redirect to Archive notes page /notes/archive

  • Other System:

    • Alt + N : Go to Create page

    • Alt + H : Go to Home page /notes

    • Alt + A : Go to All notes page /notes/all

    • Alt + C : Redirect to Archive notes page /notes/archive

  • Common

    • E : Edit selected note
    • D : Delete selected note

5. Contribute

Welcome PR! Especially for security problems.

6. Acknowledge

Based on N-blog
License GPL