Revive web/jison to see if there is anything useful #157

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Make .html files in web/jison work again. Looks like usf.html file migrated to official website, but not states.html. There are also no links to either pages.


zaach commented Apr 17, 2013

We're now using a browserified jison bundle, so this PR might be outdated. Feel free to PR the HTML fixes in a separate PR.

zaach closed this Apr 17, 2013


GerHobbelt commented Apr 17, 2013

AFAICT this issue is fixed once pullrequest #4 (issue #144) is merged.

@zaach: thanks for merging the others!
(I should revisit the USF page, if only to check that it now works with the very latest jison mix, but am completely swamped this month. :-( )

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