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Web clipper

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Trilium Web Clipper is a web browser extension which allows user to clip text, screenshots, whole pages and short notes and save them directly to Trilium Notes.

Project is hosted here. Firefox and Chrome are supported browsers, but the chrome build should work on other chromium based browsers as well.

Extension works with Trilium Notes 0.34 and newer.


  • select text and clip it with context menu (right click)
  • click on an image or link and save it through context menu
  • save whole page from the popup or context menu
  • save screenshot (with crop tool) from either popup or context menu
  • create short text note from popup

Trilium will save these clippings as a new note under current day note. If there's multiple clippings from the same page (and on the same day), then they will be added to the same note.

Get it

Extension is available from:


The extension needs to connect to a running Trilium instance. By default it scans a port range on the local computer to find a desktop Trilium instance.

It's also possible to configure server address for cases when the desktop application is not currently running.

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