A wrapper for django-eve around EVE Online's data API. This is extremely incomplete and not at all fit for production use.
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django-eve-api is a set of Django models meant to make querying the EVE data API trivial. All parsing of the data returned by the API is handled, as are cache recycle times via django-eve-proxy.

NOTE: django-eve-api is not stable enough for the development of third party applications just yet (aside from django-eve-db). You are welcome (and encouraged) to tinker, just be aware that things are still rapidly changing and may break periodically.

Source: https://github.com/gtaylor/django-eve-api

Getting Started

For details on how to get started using this software, see the Getting Started page. Note that since this app requires django-eve-db and django-eve-proxy, it may be better to just install django-eve, which wraps all of these into a neat starter project framework.


This software and all related projects are primarily developed by Blackman Industries, a software consulting and development EVE Corporation. Please consider sending ISK if this software has saved you time or benefited you.


For support, you may either file an issue in our issue tracker, or send a message to our mailing list.