A gdbinit file that makes gdb much more usable for MIPS debugging.
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A gdbinit file for use when debugging on the MIPS CPU architecture.  Copyright
(C) 2012  Zachary Cutlip [uid000_at_gmail_dot_com]
Twitter: @zcutlip

This is a gdbinit file to make gdb more functional and useful when debugging
programs running on a MIPS cpu.

I have shamelessly aped this from http://reverse.put.as/gdbinit/ which can be
checked out from https://github.com/gdbinit. Much thanks to @osxreverser for an
excellent x86/x86-64/ARM gdbinit file.

I have used this gdbinit extensively on MIPS little endian, but only briefly on
MIPS big endian.  There may be endianness implications I haven't considered.

There are plenty of things I haven't gotten around to implementing/finishing.
Feel free to send patches.

Yoe can use it by either making it your ~/.gdbinit (probably not ideal if you
ever debug non-mips) or by doing:

gdb -x ./gdbinit-mips