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🐴 RusTOTPony build

CLI manager of time-based one-time password generators. It is a desktop alternative to Google Authenticator.


Arch Linux

Packages, available in AUR:


Grab an appropriate binary from the latest release and put it in a place of your choice. If you're on the *nix system, don't forget to set proper permissions: chmod +x totp.

Build manually


Make sure you have $HOME/.cargo/bin in your $PATH.

cargo install rustotpony

From source

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run cargo install from the inside of the repo directory
  3. Keep calm and wait for the compilation

Probably, you will need gcc (Linux) or clang (Mac OS) to compile dependencies.


$ totp help
🐴 RusTOTPony 0.3.2

Manager of one-time password generators

Usage: totp [COMMAND]
  dash       Show realtime dashboard with all generators
  list       List all generators
  add        Add a new generator
  delete     Delete a generator
  rename     Rename a generator
  eradicate  Delete all generators
  help       Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -h, --help     Print help information
  -V, --version  Print version information

Choose your password wisely

At the very first run, totp asks for a password for a new database. It's located at $HOME/.rustotpony/db.json (don't be confused by json extension it's a binary file in fact). If you forget the password or want to change it, you have to remove $HOME/.rustotpony directory. It's not convenient, but I'm going to improve usability and add a command for changing the password.

Basic scenario

  1. Retrieve a secret key from your TOTP provider (it must be encoded with base32, for example, GEZDGMZSGE2TKCQ=)

    $ # Creating a fake secret key for demo purposes
    $ echo 123321555 | base32
  2. Add new generator with totp add <NAME> (you will be asked for a secret and a password)

    $ # Adding a new TOTP generator
    $ totp add demo
    Enter your secret code:
    Enter your database pass:
    New application created: demo

    If it's not the first run, you'll be asked for a password twice: for opening the database and for saving it.

  3. Use totp list to check your secrets

    $ # Listing all secrets in the database
    $ totp list
    Enter your database pass:
    | name | key              | username |
    | demo | GEZDGMZSGE2TKNIK |          |
  4. Use totp dash or just totp for real-time dashboard

    $ # Display real-time dashboard with all generators
    $ totp
    Enter your database pass:
    Welcome to RusTOTPony realtime dashboard! Press ^C to quit.
    [=============================================               ]
    009216 demo
  5. After hitting ^C it'll clean up the dashboard

    $ totp
    Enter your database pass:
    I won't tell anyone about this 🤫


  • command completion
  • database password caching
  • tests
  • refactor show and show-all commands


Licensed under the MIT License.


🐴 RusTOTPony — CLI manager of one-time password generators aka Google Authenticator








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