Listen to YouTube videos, without the distracting visuals.
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Zen Audio Player

Zen Audio Player

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Listen to YouTube videos, without the distracting visuals.

Chrome Extension

Install the Chrome extension (source code) so you can add &zen or /zen to the end of any YouTube URL to redirect this app!


Create a bookmark with javascript: (function () { window.location.href = '' + location.href; }()); as an URL to quickly redirect your YouTube video to this app!

How to create a custom bookmark in Chrome:

  1. Click on a star at the right side of the omnibox (you can also press Ctrl+D (CMD+D on Mac) or choose "Bookmark this page..." from the menu).
  2. Name your bookmark.
  3. Click on "Edit".
  4. Paste the following snippet into the URL field
    javascript: (function () { window.location.href = '' + location.href; }());
  5. Click on "Save".




Browser Support

Platform/Browser chrome safari firefox edge ie
windows Yes - Yes Yes Yes
mac Yes Yes Yes - -
ios No No No - -
android No - No - -

Contributing to Zen Audio Player

If you would like to contribute to this project please read the guidelines on contributing before doing so.

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