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qemu-kvm virtual machine manager tool
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#VM Manager

This tool based on Qemu & KVM guide #1

##How to install & use

First, install go

Then, set $GOPATH and $PATH

# append below lines to .bashrc or .zshrc or other shell profile
export $GOPATH=your-go-code-path
export $PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH

(and you may re-login shell)

Then, install vm-manager

go get

And make config file like below.

#This is example file

        cpu :
            core : 1
        memory : 512M
        disks :
            - path: example-hda.img
              interface: virtio
            - path: example-hdb.img
        network :
            ifname : vnet1
            mac: DE:AD:BE:EF:00:01
        logfile: test.log
        cdroms :
            - example-install.iso
        vnc : :10
        others :
            - -usb
            - -name
            - example
        cpu :
            type : host
            core : 2
            virtualcore : 1
        memory : 2G

To make disk image file, excute below line

vm-manager img example.img 50G

Then, you can check image file maked, and you can run your vm :

vm-manager start example
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