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Go board game (囲碁) web app using Elm
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This project is an implementation of the Go board game using the Elm programming language.


λ git clone
λ cd golem
λ elm-reactor

Then navigate to localhost:8000


  • Connected - Two stones are connected if they are the same color and adjacent (not diagonal) to each other.
  • Chain - A set of one or more stones that are all connected to each other.
  • Liberties - Empty intersections surrounding a chain. If there are none, the chain is "captured" and removed from the board.
  • Territory - A chain of empty intersections. A territory is owned by black (for instance) if it is completely surrounded by black stones or the edge of the board.

Implemented Features

  • Stone Placement - Can place stones on any empty intersection (color alternates between black and white).
  • Capture - Any chains adjacent to the placed stone are removed if they no longer have any liberties.
  • Suicide Prevention - If placing a stone will immediately remove it from the board (after any captures), the move is blocked.
  • Territory Calculations - Territories are recalculated each turn and colored according to their respective owner.
  • End of Game Scoring - Once both players have passed, the game ends and the player with more territory wins.

Planned Features

  • Eye calculation - An empty point surrounded by one player's stones.
  • Life calculation - A chain is alive if it has 2 or more eyes.
  • Rule of Ko - Prevents the repetition of a position in which a single stone is captured, then immediately taken back.
  • Recolor or highlight the chain that is currently being hovered over.
  • Recolor or highlight any chains which are alive.
  • Seki - Prevents stones from being played in a "mutual life" area; Suicide calculation may need to be rewritten for this.
  • Superko - Repeating any previous board state is disallowed.
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