Just a simple rotating tor pool with haproxy load balancer. (with opt-in privoxy support)
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               Docker Container
               (Optional)           <-> Tor Proxy 1
Client <---->   Privoxy <-> HAproxy <-> Tor Proxy 2
                                    <-> Tor Proxy n


Why: Lots of IP addresses. One single endpoint for your client. Load-balancing by HAproxy.

Optionaly adds support for Privoxy using -e privoxy=1, useful for http (default 8118, changable via -e privoxy_port=<port>) proxy forward and ad removal.

Environment Variables

  • tors - Integer, number of tor instances to run. (Default: 20)
  • new_circuit_period - Integer, NewCircuitPeriod parameter value in seconds. (Default: 2 minutes)
  • max_circuit_dirtiness - Integer, MaxCircuitDirtiness parameter value in seconds. (Default: 10 minutes)
  • circuit_build_timeout - Integer, CircuitBuildTimeout parameter value in seconds. (Default: 60 seconds)
  • privoxy - Boolean, whatever to run insance of privoxy in front of haproxy.
  • privoxy_port - Integer, port for privoxy. (Default: 8118)
  • privoxy_permit - Space-separated list of source addresses for permit-access option. (Default: Unset)
  • privoxy_deny - Space-separated list of source addresses for deny-access option. (Default: Unset)
  • haproxy_port - Integer, port for haproxy. (Default: 5566)
  • haproxy_stats - Integer, port for haproxy monitor. (Default: 2090)
  • haproxy_login and haproxy_pass - BasicAuth config for haproxy monitor. (Default: admin in both variables)
  • test_url - URL for health check throught Tor proxy. (Default: http://google.com)
  • test_status - Integer, HTTP status code for test_url in working case. (Default: 302)


# build docker container
docker build -t zeta0/alpine-tor:latest .

# ... or pull docker container
docker pull zeta0/alpine-tor:latest

# start docker container
docker run -d -p 5566:5566 -p 2090:2090 -e tors=25 zeta0/alpine-tor

# start docker with privoxy enabled and exposed
docker run -d -p 8118:8118 -p 2090:2090 -e tors=25 -e privoxy=1 zeta0/alpine-tor

# test with ...
curl --socks5 localhost:5566 http://httpbin.org/ip

# or if privoxy enabled ...
curl --proxy localhost:8118 http://httpbin.org/ip

# or to run chromium with your new found proxy
chromium --proxy-server="http://localhost:8118" \
    --host-resolver-rules="MAP * , EXCLUDE localhost"

# monitor
# auth login:admin
# auth pass:admin
http://localhost:2090 or http://admin:admin@localhost:2090

# start docket container with new auth
docker run -d -p 5566:5566 -p 2090:2090 -e haproxy_login=MySecureLogin \
    -e haproxy_pass=MySecurePassword zeta0/alpine-tor

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