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Releases: zevenet/zlb

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.13.4

09 Jun 11:20
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New Features:
[proxy] New CTL API calls

[lslb] Avoid to duplicate backends with same IP and port.
[proxy] Improved Err directives in configuration file
[proxy] Code optimization
[proxy] Disallow broadcast IPs for backends

[lslb] Fixed start HTTP Farm when process is running but pid file does not exist.
[lslb] Fixed error in farm config file when adding persistance.
[proxy] Fix memory leaks on service unification
[proxy] Fix Zproxy URI PARM session parsing
[proxy] Fix possible segmentation fault in Sessions CTL calls

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.13.3

21 Apr 10:46
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[system] certificates are not included in Supportsave by default
[proxy] fixed some memory leaks
[proxy] added session synchronization CTL API call
[proxy] minor optimizations
[proxy] sessions table optimization

[api] fixed LSLB farm sessions output.
[proxy] fixed backend pending connections stats
[proxy] fixed SSL/TLS options
[proxy] minor fixes

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.13.2

31 Mar 10:14
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[ssl] LetsencryptZ: restore the farm when a certificate renewal is finished by a timeout
[system] added file descriptors info in supportsave

[proxy] fixed chunked transfer encoding
[proxy] fixed websocket protocol
[api] fixed create copy from farm action
[api] fixed farm status calculation in backend actions
[api] fixed modify persistence TTL in HTTP farms

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.13.1

10 Mar 13:58
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[networking] Improvement starting interfaces
[webgui] Improvement applying farmguardian
[lslb] http: Scheduling algorithm improvements
[lslb] http: Improve pending connection count for backends

[system] fixed SupportSave command.
[lslb] http: fixed redirect behavior

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.13.0

24 Feb 13:13
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New features:
[lslb] http: new ZEVENET HTTP/S core zproxy. Improvement on event handlers
[lslb] l4: updated ZEVENET L4 core nftlb

[ssl] added timeout control in Let’s Encrypt integration
[networking] interfaces management improvements for better performance
[system] code optimization for performance improving

[lslb] l4: fixed unload NAT protocols module

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.12.2

12 Jul 10:10
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New features:
[ssl] add autorenewal configuration for Let’s Encrypt certificates

[farms] L4xnat: Add module parameters configuration in global.conf for SIP protocol
[ssl] reload farms renewing Let’s Encrypt certificates
[networking] improve default GW managing
[farms] L4xnat: improve multiport handle
[webgui] add backend status in LSLB view

[ssl] fixed renewing staging Let’s Encrypt certificates
[farms] L4xnat: fixed copy farm action
[system] reload cron configuration after zevenet restart
[networking] fixed configure default GW application order in ZEVENET service
[config] fixed remove zapikey from global.conf disabling root zapi permission

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.12.0

05 May 10:21
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New features:
[webgui] new web GUI with new Angular technology v12
[ssl] letsencrypt integration
[lslb] http: add and delete HTTP headers
[lslb] http: priority load balancing support
[lslb] http: rewrite URL directive (proxy pass)
[lslb] http: updated ZEVENET HTTP/S core zproxy
[lslb] l4: updated ZEVENET L4 core nftlb
[zcli] ZEVENET command line improvements
[api] 4.0.2 API version

ZEVENET Community Edition v5.11.1

22 May 10:32
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[farms] improve performance saving and loading high number of elements
[farms] fix backend maintenance deletion
[farms] keep backend rules in maintenance mode
[farms] fix sigsegv when there is no backend
[farms] disable static sessions when backend is not available due to priority
[farms] avoid limit per client when configured connection limit per backend
[system] change the path for nft binary

Zevenet Community Edition v5.11

14 May 07:32
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New features:
[system] introduce full management command line interface, named zcli
[api] introduce zapi version 4.0.1 including the new features automation
[farms] introduce L4 DSR session persistence support
[farms] reload the runtime http farm configuration when a change is done in the webgui
[farms] button to copy farms

[system] add more information to supportsave about zproxy process
[farms] allow creating farms with the same networking settings
[farms] faster start of farmguardian
[system] add verbose messages in case supportsave has not been generated properly
[system] updated netcat package used for networking test purpose
[farms] if all ports are balanced then all protocols should be configured by default
[system] improve management of errors

[farms] HTTP profile was not stopped properly
[ssl] some SSL certificates were not moved to the certificate store
[system] do not start SNMP service if it is disabled
[stats] fix an error in HTTP backend stats
[farms] enable a minimum log level for HTTP farms
[system] fix an error dumping sessions information in supportsave
[ssl] load long certificate lists in less than 1 minute
[farms] solved routing rules for sd-wan (dslb)
[system] now SNMP is started after a reboot
[farms] solved connection issues with farmguardian and persistence
[farms] fixed persistence table management in l4xnat
[system] check the networking settings before applying the configuration to avoid error messages in logs
[webgui] optimize certificates table pagination load
[farms] fixed dashboard view for dslb farms
[webgui] allow using the colon in the password field

Zevenet Community Edition v5.10.1

09 Mar 09:32
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New features:
[proxy] add/delete response headers
[proxy] add multi-listener support
[proxy] add support to listener config reload
[proxy] added WAF support (libmodsecurity3, disabled by default)
[proxy] added automatic memory trimmer
[proxy] add backend server priority setting
[proxy] add -R option to reload listener configuration from file

[webgui] restart notice message after HTTPS changed parameters
[proxy] add missing extended HTTP verbs
[proxy] add centralized regex manager
[proxy] add listener CTL management support
[proxy] schedule redirect response if backend connection fails
[proxy] do not load balance if only 1 backend is present
[proxy] add better information in logs
[proxy] set static maximum SSL handshake retries
[proxy] added case insensitive comparator to Headers map

[farms] fix path in HTTP template file
[farms] force protocol to ALL when all ports are selected in l4xnat farms
[farms] fix an error modifying https ciphers
[guardian] fix an error copying a farmguardian
[farms] fixed deleting backend ports
[webgui] the WebGUI actions are translated
[webgui] fix the behavior of javascript messages
[proxy] SSL connections management bugfixes and cleanups
[proxy] fixed redirect behavior
[proxy] fixed pinning behavior with SSL protocol
[proxy] fixed URL matcher
[proxy] assign new backend if a timeout is reached
[proxy] assign different backend if session information is not found
[proxy] fixed incomplete response parse continuation
[proxy] fixed Location and Content-Location wrong protocol if RewriteLocation=2
[proxy] fixed crash parsing an HTTPS listener
[proxy] fix session cookie header value parser
[proxy] invalidate sessions if the backend is down
[proxy] fix cookie session-id comparation
[proxy] fix crash on process exit
[proxy] reply err503 on abrupt connection close by the backend
[proxy] fix malformed log data