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TinyURL service in Ramaze
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TinyURL Ramaze Application

Required gems

sqlite3-ruby, sequel, validatable, ramaze, thin


- everything in one file - model, view, controller
- auto create the database if missing
- unique urls in the database 
- url hits counting
- API for command-line access - can shorten urls and restore the original urls


 $ curl -O turl.rb ""
 $ ruby turl.rb
 # browse http://localhost:7000/
 # shorten url (turl)
 $ curl http://admin:secret@localhost:7000/_api?turl=
 # restore the original url
 $ curl http://admin:secret@localhost:7000/_api?url=abc
 # number of hints for given turl
 $ curl http://admin:secret@localhost:7000/_api?hits=abc

Do not forget to change the BASE_URL and LOGINS values. By default the database 
file (sqlite3) will be created in the same directory with turl.rb. If this is not 
acceptable, change the DB_FILE line.
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