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The keyboard on air
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The keyboard on air. Mirrors what you type on your keyboard to your phone, using ultrasonic waves.

This is a submission to Beach Hacks 2017 at California State University, Long Beach. See our original submission on Devpost.

See it in action

You need gulp to build our web-based transmitter/receiver, and the Android SDK and NDK to build the custom IME.

  1. Make a recursive clone of this repo
  2. Navigate into web, and install the dependencies with npm install
  3. Fire up the server with gulp serve
  4. Open up the page, and turn up the speakers
  5. On another computer, click on the logs to activate the receiver
    • On Chrome, the page has to be served on localhost or via HTTPS to access microphone
  6. Type away and watch magic happen

Not enough magic? Build and install the custom IME under android, grant it microphone permission and focus on any text field.

How it's done

We used libquiet to encode data into soundwaves.

Who did this

Tommy Yang, Junlin Wang and Zhaofeng Li hacked for a day to make this happen.


Code in this repo is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License (see LICENSE). libquiet and its JavaScript and Java bindings are licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. Licenses of other libraries can be found on their respective locations.

Have fun hacking :-)

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