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CiteGen is an extension for browsers (currently only Chrome and Firefox) that generates a Wikipedia citation for the current page, using Reflinks as the backend. Metadata parsing is done server-side, unlike Cite4Wiki which parses the metadata in the browser itself. As a result, CiteGen is able to parse more metadata fields than Cite4Wiki, and the capability can be extended without the user updating the add-on.


Warning: The following instructions are only tested on Linux which properly supports symlinks.


Make sure you have the Add-on SDK installed and activated. Navigate to the firefox directory of the repo, and run cfx xpi to package the extension.



Open chrome://extensions/ (i.e. the "Extensions" menu in Settings) and select "Developer mode". Next, click "Pack extension" and point "Extension root directory" to the chrome directory of the repo (and the private key if you have one).


Use the following command to build the extension:

/path/to/chrome --pack-extension=/path/to/citegen/chrome --pack-extension-key=/path/to/key

Project structure

The common directory holds files shared between two versions (The main popup page, core scripts and styling, etc), while chrome and firefox hold browser-specific code and other resources. Common resources in browser-specific directorues are symbolic links to the actual files in common. As such, you may run into problems trying to build the extensions on Windows. See this StackOverflow question for an (untested) workaround.

Installing on Chrome

Open chrome://extensions/ and drag the .crx file from the file browser to Chrome.


Patches are welcome! You may also want to take a look at the Reflinks repo which holds the backend of this extension.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs on Wikipedia or create an issue on GitHub.


This program is licensed under the BSD 2-Clause license. See LICENSE for details.

This program incorporates code jQuery, licensed under the MIT License. See the header of common/jquery.js for details.