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Fast, accurate optical flows on mobile GPUs.
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Flow on the Go

Ashwin Sekar (asekar) and Richard Zhao (richardz)


We implement real time optical flows on a mobile GPU platform using the dense inverse search method.


A common problem in computer vision is detecting moving objects on a background. With an increasing amount of cameras mounted on moving vehicles, stabilization of the video feed is a crucial preprocessing task.

Optical flows present an elegant solution to a wide class of problems such as the above. An optical flow is a vector field that describes per-pixel displacements between two consecutive video frames in a video feed.

In recent years, there has been increased interest in algorithms for computing optical flows, especially ones that achieve a mix of efficiency and accuracy. Kroeger et. al. propose a method with very low time complexity and competitive accuracy for computing dense optical flow[1].

The algorithm is highly parallelizable, which gives it the potential to achieve super-real-time (faster than 30 Hz) performance on GPUs.



make flow_ref


[1] Tim Kroeger, et. al Fast Optical Flow using Dense Inverse Search (2016)


Date Milestone Done
April 11 Complete understanding of the algorithm ✔️
April 14 Working OpenCV reference and testing harness ✔️
April 25 [Checkpoint] Working implementation in C++ ✔️
April 27 Cleaned up and optimized C++ version ✔️
May 1 Working implementation in CUDA ✔️
May 2 CUDA implementation with same performance as C++ version ✔️
May 4 Realtime performance (~30fps / < 33ms) ✔️
May 8 Super-realtime performance (~30fps / < 10ms)
May 9 Running on example drone footage
May 11 Final writeup and demo preparation
May 11 (Reach) Hardware hooked up to drone
May 12 Final presentation
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