Make MTProto an external library for general usage #124

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thomasfr commented Mar 4, 2014

Thanks for your great work for making Telegram with Webogram available on the Desktop / Web!
To make it easier to debug, fix bugs and reuse the base protocol implementation, it would be great if you could make the mtproto.js an external dependency and an separate GitHub Repo under your account.

nukeador commented Mar 4, 2014

Great idea :)

It would be great, very good idea. Would greatly help if it were a separate project.

I'm very intereted in this, too. Do you have a roadmap / Do you know how much time you will need?


zhukov commented Jan 12, 2017

I think, I'm finally going to do this.
I'd like to decouple mtproto.js from this project and Angular.js. Current main deps are $http and $q services. I will replace $http with fetch() (and this Shim for older browsers) and $q with native promises (via bluebird). Also $rootScope will be replaced with some callbacks.

@zhukov zhukov added the ready label Jan 12, 2017
zhukov commented Jan 12, 2017

This may help to make it work with angular angular/angular.js#12533 (comment)

This is very useful.

We can use TypeScript or Babel for make this...


Please test Bluebird-Shim extensively under Windows. From Aurelia I've learned that it caused troubles there time and again (Internet Explore Edge vs. older ones).

goodmind commented Feb 9, 2017

@zhukov any progress on this?

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