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Defines Homebrew aliases.

Also adds the Homebrew-managed zsh/site-functions path into your fpath.



  • brewa auto uninstalls formulae that are no longer needed.
  • brewc cleans the cache.
  • brewC scrubs the cache, including downloads for the latest versions.
  • brewd checks your system for potential problems.
  • brewe edits given formula.
  • brewi shows information about given formula.
  • brewI installs given formula.
  • brewl lists installed formulae.
  • brewL lists installed formulae that don't depend on other installed formula.
  • brewo lists outdated installed formulae.
  • brewr reinstalls given formula.
  • brews performs a search of formula names.
  • brewS manages background services with macOS' launchctl daemon manager.
  • brewu updates Homebrew and all formulae.
  • brewU upgrades outdated and unpinned formulae.
  • brewx uninstalls a given formula.
  • brewX deletes all installed versions of given formula.

Homebrew Cask

  • caske edits given cask.
  • caski shows information about given cask.
  • caskI installs given cask.
  • caskl lists installed casks.
  • casko lists outdated installed casks.
  • caskr reinstalls given cask.
  • casks performs a search of cask tokens.
  • caskU upgrades given cask or all outdated casks, if none given.
  • caskx uninstalls given cask.
  • caskX uninstalls even if given cask does not appear to be present.
  • caskz zaps all files associated with given cask.