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Our simple PHP 5.3 puppet module used for developing and hosting Drupal on Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04

Updated April 15, 2014

Puppet 2 2


A simple ubuntu MySQL5 module providing a dev and prod classes that install mysql and grant access to a website admin.

Updated April 15, 2014


Updated April 14, 2014


forked from boxen/our-boxen

Copy me for your team.

Updated February 07, 2014

VimL 0 0


Basic vim plugin for sensible default settings. Pairs nicely with vim-sensible.

Updated December 12, 2013


A Vagrant project to setup Zivtech's Drupal development environment.

Updated December 11, 2013

VimL 2 1


A simple vim plugin setting sensible defaults for Drupal.

Updated November 21, 2013

XSLT 1 0


A simple puppet module that provides solr for Drupal on Ubuntu.

Updated October 30, 2013


A basic fresh solr install with the configuration and schema files installed for use with Drupal. Be careful to use the appropriate branch.

Updated October 30, 2013

Puppet 3 2


A simple ubuntu module that provides a webadmin user that has administrative privileges over apache, mysql and tomcat.

Updated October 24, 2013

JavaScript 1 1


A training example TODO list application written in node.js.

Updated August 16, 2013

JavaScript 0 1


forked from tizzo/updatamator

A simple node.js application for tracking and applying available package updates.

Updated April 30, 2013


forked from fabpot/Goutte

Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper

Updated May 23, 2012


Houston is a data transformation and synchronization framework that has support baked in for pulling and pushing data to and from other services, a sophisticated job queue for fault tolerance, and a parent child model that make complex data structures easier to work with across systems

Updated February 05, 2012

Python 4 1


A helpful python script to copy a version of a Drupal site from a canonical server to a local one.

Updated August 31, 2011


A features module providing content structure and data services provided to the getSite script by an extranet.

Updated July 20, 2011

JavaScript 2 2


forked from obxdesignworks/Kickoff-Agenda-Generator

The kick-off agenda builder is a simple web app to list all of the subjects that one might possibly cover in a kick-off meeting for most web projects.

Updated May 10, 2011


Views Field Calc allows calculations on fields using Views.

Updated March 06, 2011


Icon Menu

Updated January 18, 2011


Creates a Time Entry block for entering time entries in Unfuddle. Uses API (slow) for tickets or local database (fast). Requires on unfuddle_api and unfuddle_api_import modules.

Updated December 12, 2010

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