@ZhaoKwok ZhaoKwok released this Sep 25, 2018

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►Instructions :shipit:

Optional update if you have previous version of wallet not necessary to update.

  • Before anything, backup your wallet.dat (File > Backup Wallet), ideally in a different drive.
  • Run Zoin Core

►Changelog :octocat:

  • Update links to our new domains in community page and paper wallet ✔️
  • Auto Installer for Wallet - Windows systems ✔️
  • Four spaces in front of address on copy bug fixed ✔️
  • Seeders fix wallet sync straight out of the box ✔️
  • QT BUG FIX ✔️
  • Minor changes. typo, grammar ✔️
  • Latest dependency upgrade ✔️
  • Support for Latest Bitpay Insight ✔️
  • Latest TOR upgrade ✔️
  • New version number ✔️

►Binaries 💻

  • Version: v0.13.4.1 - SHA256 Hashes:
    • zoin- 826315FB844DC1A3AC75E7819E4C16DBBB04B054654C3BF1A8B4C97ADC6E51CC
    • zoin- 89B46490CB816E26DBE6C88EF5036A3106F7A7948FF844AEC7A2065EBA58D309
    • zoin- 7A6CD03E3C065B04A89732625D64B60FAEB7160EFC1958F43744D711B3FF437D
    • zoin- 77459C704DCD8AF74161F5810AC235520CDFBFD54465A782C5BA8D72B2B041D0
    • zoin- 52040C5842B74E362A1274C8BB39EC2B73DAC472243694CF19AA7A1410486203
    • zoin- 891EE52B9719604EBAC6E35B8721DA79693A5235BC681F2C3A3EF8D7235E4F8A
    • zoin- 1CD9ED50C0D5585383DC26ED18B0676B2C6D0524E65A07893BE4FDAB724CB7E7

This is the final version for v0.13.4.1 The release is verifiable, reproducible, and signed. More gitian reproduces are welcome.

The checksums of the binaries are signed by @ZhaoKwok (PGP: 0xD3BD88899604C2C7). Please verify the checksum and the PGP signature before using.

►Known Issues - Next release ◀ 📝 📋

This was the last version of Zoin wallet, regarding betrayal of Cryptopia, Zoin team was dismantled 10th of October 2018 and cease continue with development. We were getting multiple threatening, extortion and racial attacks from Noir team members NotAWizard, Flo007, Wolfsaack, Jalil.

Know about a bug, let us know here ► https://github.com/zoinofficial/zoin/issues

Want to know more about the team and consensus visit ► https://www.zoinofficial.io/