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few helper functions in bash

#repeatString repeats a string

repeatString string ?depth

#depth >> how many times to repeat the string

repeatString "bash" 5 # bashbashbashbashbash


get the position of a character in a string

charAt string positionToSearch

charAt "bash" 2 # a


check if a word is in a string

includes string stringToSearch ?depth

#depth  where to start search from

includes "bash" sh 2

#returns 1 for false or 0 for true

#endsWith check if a word is at the end of a string

endsWith string endToCheck ?depth

# depth >> where to start the search from

endsWith "bash" a 2

#returns 1 for false or 0 for true

#isInteger check if a value is an integer

isInteger number

#return 1 for non integers or 0 for integers

#int get all the integers before the decimal point non integers values will throw an error

int number
int 25.8 ; # 25


set the content of an array into different variables


do not quote the array argument ( first agument )

it is important you quote the second argument to this function

associative arrays work in alphabetical order

use "," to separate the variables to assign each array element to

destructure array values

array=( bash ksh zsh )

destructure ${array[@]} "shell1,,shell2"

echo $shell1  # bash

echo $shell2  # zsh

destructure ${array[@]} "shell1,shell2,shell3"

echo $shell1 # bash

echo $shell2 # ksh

echo $shell3 # zsh

#... Spread a bunch of string inside an array

... string


array=( $(... $str) )

echo ${str[@]} # b a s h

#foreach foreach element of an array execute a function


don't quote the array arugment ( i.e the first argument )

If you pass in a function as a callback using the function command you should wrap it in single quote

s() { echo $(( $1 * $1 )) ;}

array=( 1 2 3 4 5 6 )

foreach ${array[@]} s # 2 4 6 8 10 12

foreach ${array[@]} 'function s() { echo $(( $1 + $1 )) ;}' # always end the function with a ;} 
# 2 4 6 8 10 12

#copyWithin copy an array index into another index quote the first argument use ${array[*]} instead of ${array[@]}

copyWithin arrayArgument indexToCopyfrom indexToCopyTo

array=( "bash" "ksh" "zsh" "csh" )

copyWithin "${array[*]}" 1 3 # bash ksh zsh ksh


few helper functions in bash ( especially string manipulation functions )



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