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This tool can construct the private key by give (p, q, e) or (N, e, d).
The output format can also be der or pem.
The tool provide the same functionailiy as rsatool wirtten in python here. The advantage of this tool is we using ruby bulit in library. And it is in ruby!


  • If you have the (p, q, e) pair
ruby ./rsatool.rb -p P -q Q -e E #By default E is 0x10001 (65537)
  • If you have (N, d, e) pair
ruby ./rsatool.rb -n N -d D -e E #By default E is 0x10001 (65537)
  • Output format
ruby ./rsatool.rb -f (DER|PEM) -p P -q Q -e E
  • Output to file not stdout
ruby ./rsatool.rb -o filepath -f (DER|PEM) -p P -q Q -e E
  • Decrypt cipheretext by given rsa parameter
ruby ./rsatool.rb (some rsa parameter) -c ciphertext_file