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Plugins v4.1.32152.0910 Sep 12, 2018
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This is a basic version to support Electron framework on Mac.

Please follow the following steps to setup and run the sample app.

  1. Install brew

command: ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  1. Install npm and Node.js. Make sure the Node.js version is v8.12.0 (Carbon) or older

  2. Get Electron release package and unzip. Rename package_mac.json to package.json in lib folder.

  3. Get the released SDK package. Copy ZoomSDK folder to Electron SDK folder at the same level as the demo folder.

  4. cd /demo, run "npm install" to install SDK

  5. Run "npm start" to start demo

  6. Run "npm run-script packager" to package app