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This repository contains scripts and documentation related to analyzing classification data from Zooniverse projects. Most content is tailored to Panoptes-based Project Builder projects, but there is also some legacy Ouroboros-based code.

Where do I go to get started?

You have a few choices when getting started analyzing Zooniverse data.

  • Try the Panoptes Aggregation Code (external): Try out the Panoptes Aggregation Code, a software package designed to take project data exports and produced aggregated results.
  • Try Data-digging's general python scripts: The scripts_GeneralPython directory contains multiple Python scripts and Jupyter notebooks to get you started. See the README in that directory for more details.
  • Adapt Existing Scripts: The Data-digging repo contains many examples of data reduction scripts from multiple projects. Depending on your project type and details, find a similar project and edit their existing scripts to fit your specific use case. Check out scripts in the scripts_ProjectExamples directory, or browse the library of External Links for analysis scripts that are hosted in external locations and repos.

Contents File with links to external code.

docs: Column descriptions for Panoptes export CSV files.

notebooks_ProcessExports: This directory holds Jupyter notebooks for performing basic parsing of data export CSVs.

scripts_GeneralPython: This directory holds top-level example scripts that are generally applicable to any project. These scripts convert a classification data export CSV into more useful formats and data products. In most cases, these scripts extract information from the compact JSON-formatted “annotations” column data into an easier flat CSV file.

scripts_ProjectExamples: This directory holds project-specific subdirectories, each with scripts and data files.

scripts_Utility: This directory holds Python scripts for one-off tasks.

other_code: This directory holds other contributed code.


Scripts and such for data management, analysis, visualization, etc.







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