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This is the repository for Klingonska Akademien's website.
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Klingonska Akademien

Klingonska Akademien is a large reference site for the Klingon language. It contains an extensive dictionary (with both English and Swedish translations), the Archive of Okrandian Canon, a word extraction and learning tool, and lots of articles about various other stuff, such as the Klingon alphabet, songs in Klingon etc.


November 2013: Adding new words from the dictionary! Trying to catch up with the backlog of words to added to the language in 2012 and 2013. There is a Google document for words which will be added, which we're currently working our way through it. (You can add stuff to it yourself, if you feel that some word is missing.)

March 3, 2013: Finished Klingon Glossary Extractor & Flashcards – a combined language analyzer and flashcard program for learning the words of any text in Klingon. The tool keeps track of what you've learned so far, and lets you practice the words unknown to you. Feedback is greatly appreciated (use email, or GitHub Issue Tracking).

September 7, 2012: Rolling out the new design is taking its time, but as of now most pages have the new look (except for some old, rarely used ones, and pages served by CGI). Work will continue, but for now we'll concentrate on more interesting stuff. There also was a major re-write of pIqaD, And How to Read It, with improved pronunciation info, info on dialects etc.

July 1, 2012: We're currently rolling out a major site re-design. This means adding a new look to the pages, as well as changing into a fully automated build system. As we, slowly, painstakingly, convert all pages into the new format, you'll see the new red page header take over, until it is everywhere.

Don't worry, we are not about to remove any content.


We welcome opinions, feedback and patches, so if you feel that anything is incorrect or missing, please contact, or report an issue using the the GitHub issue tracking system for


The site was written, and data gathered by zrajm, from 1998 to the present day.

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