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This tool is created to aid the penetration testers in assessing wireless security. Author is not responsible for misuse. Please read instructions thoroughly.

Usage: python (from the same folder where your code exists)

For any comments and suggestions please email on

Note: Please make sure to run the 'configure under File menu to install required software'

Recent Bug Fixes:

  • Display Scanned network with BSSID and Channel

  • WPA2 hacking is now captured by automatically setting an appropriate Channel

  • Aireplay issue is resolved during deauthentication stage due to channel settings in airodump

  • SSID selecting during WPA2 hacking is resolved (extra symbol was being added)

  • One import was removed by mistake but now it is resolved.

  • Frame size is enlarged slightly, as it was hiding a button

  • User interaction during Fake Access Points creation. This will let the user to choose the outbout interface for the internet, Evil Twin, Infernal Wireless and Free Internet

  • NAT rules for Fake APs are improved

  • Catch and Error implemented for Infernal Wireless Attack

  • Evil Twin Attack is improved. Now lets the user to choose outbound interface

New Addition:

  • Extra Menu is added to kill airodump-ng from GUI, previously it was shutting down the whole tool.

  • Added a feature to let the user decide how many packets to send for deauthentication during WPA2 Hacking

  • Added a logo

  • During MiTM via Fake AP, you can see the victim's browser live on the GUI panel

  • During MiTM, now you can see the HTTP request and responses live on the GUI panel


I have a problem with connecting to the Database


(Thanks to @lightos for this fix)

There seem to be few issues with Database connectivity. The solution is to create a new user on the database and use that user for launching the tool. Follow the following steps.

  1. Delete dbconnect.conf file from the Infernalwireless folder

  2. Run the following command from your mysql console.

    mysql>use mysql;

    mysql>CREATE USER 'root2'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'enter the new password here';

    mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON \*.\* TO 'root2'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;

  3. Try to run the tool again.

Release Notes:

New Features:

  • GUI Wireless security assessment SUIT

  • Impelemented

  • WPA2 hacking

  • WEP Hacking

  • WPA2 Enterprise hacking

  • Wireless Social Engineering

  • SSL Strip

  • Report generation

  • PDF Report

  • HTML Report

  • Note taking function

  • Data is saved into Database

  • Network mapping

  • MiTM

  • Probe Request


  • Improved compatibility

  • Report improvement

  • Better NAT Rules

Bug Fixes:

  • Wireless Evil Access Point traffic redirect
  • Fixed WPA2 Cracking
  • Fixed Infernal Wireless
  • Fixed Free AP
  • Check for requirements
  • DB implementation via config file
  • Improved Catch and error
  • Check for requirements
  • Works with Kali 2

Coming Soon:

  • Parsing t-shark log files for gathering creds and more

  • More attacks.

Expected bugs:

  • Wireless card might not be supported

  • Might crash on Windows

  • Freeze

  • A lot of work to be done, but this tool is still being developed.

Thanks and Credits:

  • Special thanks to all my friends for comments and feedbacks.

  • Thank you zstyblik a lot for your patches, suggestions and improvements on the tool.

  • Creators:

    • Aircrack

    • SSL Strip

    • Online Community

    • Others whom I forgot to mention.


wireless hacking - This is evil twin attack automated







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