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A new kind of database
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I began rewriting Artifact in Elixir some time ago and it is not a complete port of the Erlang code -- continue using Artifact in Erlang if you want something running


Artifact is a distributed storage system inspired by the Amazon Dynamo Paper. The introduction of Elixir precipitated numerous changes in the OTP ecosystem, consequently the project began anew as a ground up rewrite Elixir and has introduced several features that cause it to diverge significantly from it's initial implementation.

Artifact is a super-high-speed distributed key value store, designed for applications with a large number of servers in a datacenter than need low-latency reads.

Entirely Nonvolatile:

Artifact stores it's entire dataset in volatile storage, aggregated across multiple machines, because it recovers from server crashes very fast (about 1-2 seconds) and so availability gaps are unnoticable and durability is ensured as long as n/2 + 1 machines stay online. (The data itself may be made available through a loop filesystem, and can be written to DETS or some other nonvolatile storage as well.)

Low Latency

Most writes happen in less than 50μs, most reads in less than 25μs.


Artifact provides an slightly stronger consistency than dynamo -- all updates in RAMCloud are consistent, immediately visible, and durable.

What does it do?

Not Suitable for Production

Artifact is intended to explore concepts and emerging useful patterns in database design and distributed systems. It is not intended as a replacement for any commercial database.

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