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Allow users to have multiple per-device buffers which can play well with (or replace as well) the plugin clearbufferonmsg


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Many irc clients that can connect to znc are not 'irc3.0 capable'. As such, they do not have the ability to recieve their own messages. This module fixes that issue, giving self-message capability to all clients that connect to znc. For more info, please go to the wiki. For help with anything, more information on any topic, or setup guides, please go to either our Guides Information and Help wiki page or our FAQ wiki page.


This application is written for znc 1.6.4. Unfortunatly, the functions required for this to work for private channels do not yet exist. They will however be implemented in 1.7. Once 1.7 has been released and is stable, adding private message support should be trivial but unil then this will only work for public buffers. If you wish to know how it will be changed once 1.7 is released or wish to do it yourself, click here to visit that page of our wiki.


This module requires znc 1.6.4. Documentation is provided, however if you wish to build the documentation for this module for yourself, Doxygen 1.8.3 is required. For installation, it is strongly recommended you have znc-buildmod unless you wish to compile and link this manually.

Installation Instructions

First clone this repository

git clone

Next cd into it and call znc-buildmod on selfmsg.cpp

cd znc-selfmsg 
znc-buildmod selfmsg.cpp

Finally, relocate the .so file znc-buildmod created to znc's modules folder

mv ./ ~/.znc/modules

If this fails because no modules folder exists in ~/.znc, simply create it first with

mkdir ~/.znc/modules


To use this module either load it with /LoadMod or via webadmin. After that it should work.


Additional documentation to each component of self_msg.cpp is provided and can also be found here. This documentation was generated via Doxygen. If you wish to generate this documentation yourself, from the znc-selfmsg directory, run the following

doxygen Doxyfile

The documentation 'index.html' is located within Documentation/html/


Allow users to have multiple per-device buffers which can play well with (or replace as well) the plugin clearbufferonmsg








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