Solidity compilation and Ethereum contract execution interface for hackable atom editor
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Etheratom - compile and deploy solidity code from atom editor

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Etheratom is a package for hackable Atom editor. It uses web3js to interact with Ethereum node.

A screenshot of Etheratom package


Use Ganache or Install geth

Go Ethereum client installation instruction Or You can just download binary from and run.

Run go-ethereum client

Start geth node on testnet using following command:

geth --testnet --syncmode "fast" --rpc --rpcapi="eth,web3,personal" --ws --wsorigins="*" --wsapi="eth,web3,personal" console

Note: Only solidity compilation is supported. --wsorigins="*" or --wsorigins="file://" is necessary to allow Atom to connect to go-ethereum websocket endpoint.


apm install etheratom

Or you can install Etheratom from Atom packages.

Install from source

Clone git repository

git clone
cd etheratom

Install as atom package

apm install
apm link .


Geth defaults : rpc websocket ws://

Ganache defaults : rpc

Go to package settings and set rpc address & websocket address.

etheratom package config

Restart atom to load your configuration changes.


Activate Etheratom package ctrl+alt+e

Compile solidity code with ctrl+alt+c or just by saving a solidity file with ctrl+s

Show/hide etheratom panel ctrl+alt+v

After compiling your solidity code click Deploy to blockchain button to deploy the contract on blockchain. Optionally you can deploy your contract at some previously created address.

New panel features

Follow Etheratom Wiki for more information.

Development guideline

Clone & code
git clone
cd etheratom

rollup -c

Support development ❤️

Etheratom aims to provide a clean interactive interface to develop solidity smart contracts, test them on testnet, do security analysis and deploy them on mainnet. Etheratom needs your help!

Etheratom is looking for financial help. Any organization or individual wants to help grow etheratom is requested to contact

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