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InfoSec Black Friday Deals (e.g. "Hack Friday" ~@snyff)

All the deals for InfoSec related software/tools this Black Friday / Cyber Monday, for all the hackers that saved $$$ during lockdowns.

The below deals have either publicly announced they'll be doing a deal or highly expected.

  • All USD
  • All End times in UTC
  • DYOR and AYOR: I have not vetted links for legitimacy
  • Some deals use my handle for tracking - these are not referral/affiliate/commission


When do these sales end?

Most end 30th November

When will most of the deals/discounts be here?

Most likely 27th midday for USA, 28th November for the rest of the world, check back often!

Can I add deals to the page?

Yes, please follow formatting guidelines, provide a source and code. Has to be infosec related.

🙈 means 1) Limited to first x users 2) Great deal or 3) Highly recommended

*Disclaimer: I have included my own, and other discount codes sent in directly.

InfoSec Black Friday Deals 2021


Return on Security 🙈
25% off the Pro Membership for 3 months with code: black-friday-25

Daniel Miessler - Unsupervised Learning | tweet
$20 USD off the annual membership ($79 USD)
Ends: 30th November 00:00 PT


Securestack DevSecOps platform 🙈
30% off and 4 months subscription with code: BLACKFRIDAY21
Ends: 2nd December

Offline Toolbox with Developer/Security applications
30% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY_2021S

GrayHatWarfare (the shodan for S3 buckets/shorteners) 🙈
was €300 now €160 for 1Y premium
was €960 now €450 for 1Y enterprise

Web Debugging Proxy macOS app for sec/devs to capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP(s) requests/responses
30% off with code: PROXYMAN_BLACK_FRIDAY_2021

Pulsedive Threat Intelligence 🙈
Get 50% off 12 months of Pulsedive Pro or API by using code "BLACKFRIDAY21" Ends: November 30th

Sn1per Elite Bundle
Discounts applied to cart

Workflow86 (Document/automate security operation playbooks and business processes) 🙈
30% off any plan for 3 months with code: BLACKFRIDAY2021
Ends: 30 November

Buy a Premium license and it will be upgraded to LIFETIME, no extra fees, no annual payments
Ends: Once 10 licenses have exhausted or 26th November

Tenable 🙈
50% off Nessus PRO with code: takehalf

Burp Bounty Pro Extension
20% off with code: CYBERBOUNTY

Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac
20% off applied at checkout
Ends: 2nd December

SecuPress Pro, WordPress Security Plugin
20% OFF with code BF2021 from 23rd to 24th Nov 2021
3 sites for price of 1, no code needed, from 25th to 26th Nov 2021
Lifetime Licences available, no code needed, from 27th to 30th Nov 2021

Tinker 2
A PHP Tinker desktop app that helps you run testing code on the local machine and remote server.
50% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY

010 Editor
30% off applied to cart Ends: November 29th

Mana Security
macOS vulnerability management for individuals
80% off annual subscription with code: CYBERMONDAY
$11.99 instead of $59.99
Ends: 2nd December

Maltego OSINT and Forensics 🙈
50% off to Upgrade to Maltego Pro plan with code: MALTEGO_CYBERMONDAY
Ends: November 29th CET

Courses & Training

7ASecurity Black friday sale on any course
40% off with code: BFCM40
Ends: December 1st

Burp Suite Certified Practitioner
November 16 - November 30 2021: The certification exam is on sale for $9.
Purchase date - December 15 2021: If you pass your exam before 15 Dec 21, you qualify for a refund

DroneSec (Drone Cybersec, Threat Intel & Counter-Drone Security Training) 🙈
67% off with code: BFMETAVERSE
Ends: 30th November

Reverse Engineering Malware course 🙈
20% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY2021

LetsDefend - Blue Team Training
50% off code: BLCKFRDY
Ends: 30th November

The Cyber Plumber's Lab Guide and Access 🙈
(1) 50% off + free handbook (2) 75% off for students

Eric Diaz (Udemy Hacking Courses)
50% off with code: 50OFFNOVEMBER

Most courses $10.99
Ends: 26th November

40% discount
Ends: 29th November

Robin Dreeke (Social Engineering Training)
25% off all courses with code: infosec25

INE (ELearnSecurity Courses)
Premium Access Pass for $499 + free eLearnSecurity certification voucher
Premium for $599 + Pentester Academy access + free eLearnSecurity certification voucher

OSINTion (OSINT Training) 🙈
25% off courses with code: BLACKFRIDAY2021
15% off bundles with code: BUNDLES2021BLACKFRIDAY

Security Blue Team
25% off BTL1 certification & training (£399 --> £299)
20% off BTL2 certification & training (£1999 --> £1599)
33% off Blue Team Labs Pro subscription (£15/month --> £10/month) Ends: 3rd December

Pensterlab Black friday sale 🙈
27% off one year subscription
(1) $146 instead of $199
(2) 29.99 instead of 34.99 for students

The Cyber Mentor (TCM) Security Courses
(1) 50% off all courses with code: GIVETHANKS (2) 20% off PNPT Certification with code: GIVETHANKS

Cybr Courses (Ethical Hacking & Security+ courses)
Up to 63% off Bundles and Courses
Ends: 29th November

Practical DevSecOps
15% off all courses Ends: 30th November

ISACA InfoSec/GRC Training
15% off CISA/CISM/CRISC/CGEIT/CDPSE training & cert with code: FLASHSALE15
Ends: 15th December

International Cybersecurity Institute ICSI 50% off courses releasing 22nd November
Ends: 29th November

CompTIA Courses Seems to be very small discounts (e.g. $150 off)

Riot (Phishing simulation training + cybersecurity awareness on Slack)
20% off everything with code: BLACKFRIDAY
Ends: December 1st

Try Hack Me (Red and Blue team CTF exercises) 20% off annual subscription with code: AOC2021
Ends: December 7th

Fuzzinglabs Academy
15% off everything with code: BLACKFRIDAY2021
Ends: December 1st

O'Reilly Learning
40% discount with code: CYBERSAVINGS21
Ends November 29th

Cybrary Insider Pro
70% discount if paid annualy ($228/yr or $19/month)
Ends November 26th

CyberWarFare Labs
Up to 60% discount on bundle courses. 20% on each course
Limited Duration

SEKTOR7 Institute - Red team courses | tweet
$30 off the regular price
Ends: November 30th - Blue Team Training | tweet
All Courses 20-25% Off, applied to cart
Ends: November 30th 00:00 ET

Zero-Point Security
15% off Red Team Ops and C2 Development in C#, CRTO exam voucher with code: CYBER15
Limited Duration

Mini Course Bundles:

A to Z Cyber Security Training Bundle (12 courses)
$19.97 applied to cart

2022 Ultimate Cybersecurity Analyst Prep Bundle (8 courses)
$29.99 applied to cart

Up to 30% off

Cristina Gheorghisan Reverse Engineering Bundle (Udemy)
Lowest possible price with code: ENDOFNOVLEARN Ends: November 29th


KSEC LABS (Red Team Tools, Locksmith, Hacker Gadgets) 🙈
Various discounts, free items, free shipping and codes on page to use

Covert Instruments (lockpicks)
Various discounts on lockpicks

Hak5 hacking hardware for pentesters 🙈🙈
Huge discounts + free gear

Lab401: Hardware for Pentesters, Law Enforcement and Hobbyists. Specialising in RFID
Site-wide discounts + free hardware

pcWRT Secure WiFi Router
Router with all privacy tools builtin: VLAN, VPN, Ad Block, DoH, Access Control, Monitoring
25% off with code: GITHUBBF21

ifixit (Hardware and electronics equipment)
Multiple discounts applied to cart

Various deals released 22nd November

Open source hardware for sniffing, communicating, and attacking IoT (Internet of Things) devices. 30% off applied to cart Ends: November 29th


Miscreants Cyber & Security clothing
25% off with code: 0x90n

Red Team t-shirts and other stuff
20% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY21


Apress Books 🙈
All print books $9.99 and eBooks $6.99 discount applied to cart

Humble Bundle (Check back often for InfoSec books - currently only games)
Up to 80% off applied to cart

NoStarch Press
35% off + FREE shipping on all domestic orders over $50 with code: BLACKFRIDAY35
Ends: November 29th

Up to 50% off applied to cart
Ends: November 27th


PrivacyBunker (GDPR)
50% discount for full-year subscription with coupon: BLACKFRIDAY

72% discount applied to cart

Surfshark VPN
83% off + 3 months free applied to cart

use coupon code: SAVEMORE, 5-year plan 67.96 USD

50% off, VPN 2-year plan for 5 devices 49.99 USD

Lowendbox - IT/Cloud/Networking sytems
Variety of deals releasing 24th November

$20 first year applied to cart Ends: 30th November

ESET Anti-Virus
35% off products applied to cart

Murus and Vallum (macOS Firewall)
50% off applied to cart

60% off Malwarebytes Premium, 50% OFF Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy
25% off Endpoint, Detection and Response products

SSLTrust Certs
20% off Comodo/Sectigo SSL orders with code: 20BLACK
Ends: 1st December

50% off Plus plan applied to cart
Ends: January 1st 2022 CET

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At the end of a normal sentence, place a backslash for newline () Alternatively with a link, you can double-space ( )


If you'd like to DM me a deal rather than submitting a PR: @securitymeta_

Thanks to 0ldMate referring me to @Infosec_Taylor who has a fantastic twitter thread as well, adding in some of those deals here! Also thanks to webyeti, grabbed some deals from: - more non-infosec deals in there too. Shoutout to some discounts grabbed from Dutchosintguy, @gabsmashh Thanks to those that have sent pull requests, and @reV_sh_ on twitter, among others.

Thanks to those who credited and helped spread the word!


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All the deals for InfoSec related software/tools this Black Friday



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