A lightweight VM for hardware hacking, RE (fuzzing, symEx, exploiting etc) and wargaming tasks
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cgPwn - Cyber Grand Pwnage Box

This is a Ubuntu VM tailored for hardware hacking, RE and Wargaming.

Tools included

  • Pwndbg
  • Pwntools
  • Binwalk
  • Radare2
  • Capstone, Unicorn and Keystone Engines
  • Qira Timeless Debugger
  • AFL
  • Valgrind , VGdb
  • ROPGadget, XRop, Ropper, rp++
  • Intel PIN
  • Angr
  • z3
  • frida
  • Compiler tools: CLANG, LLVM, GDBMultiarch, GDBArm
  • Useful tools: htop, lynx, socat, p7zip, mc

![cgPwn Usage DEMO](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AccomplishedPleasedBlackrhino-size_restricted.gif)


Install VirtualBox

Check Virtualbox for information on installing Virtualbox on your respective operating system.

Install Vagrant

Check VagrantUp for information on installing vagrant.

Fire up the VM

git clone https://github.com/0xM3R/cgPwn
cd cgPwn
vagrant up
... Grab a beer and relax until everything is getting setup for you ;)
vagrant ssh

Default settings

By default, personal dotfiles are installed onto the VM. Simply comment out the following lines in cgPwn.sh if you don't want my settings.

# Personal config
sudo apt-get -y install stow
cd ~
rm .bashrc
git clone https://github.com/0xM3R/dotfiles
cd dotfiles
chmod a+x ./install.sh

Shared folder

Drop files in the sharedFolder folder on your host to find them on your VM at /home/vagrant/sharedFolder