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18F API Program

What is it?

The 18F API Program is designed to expedite the ability for agencies to launch their own [Application Programming Interfaces] (, or APIs. APIs enable developers to request and exchange data with your agency. They provide an easier way for different applications and services to speak to one another through the exchange of information. A good API will enable your agency to in turn provide better data and services to the American people through a variety of uses and applications.

Unsupported, it is not uncommon for an agency to spend years launching a succesful program.

What can it do for my agency?

Participation in the program provides the following benefits:

  • Jumpstarting a new agency API program;
  • Provide a way for agencies to begin using their own APIs (known as 'dogfooding'); and
  • Learn how to put data to work for you using API analytics.

Is this program right for me?

Small, medium, and large agencies, as well as medium and large individual teams within agencies would be fit candidates. Even among agencies with first or second generation API programs already in existence, the capacity has often not been scaled out to be a ready resource for all teams. The API Program provides such an easily launched capacity that multiple teams within one agency could legitimately want to onboard their own instance to maximize convenience and customization.


A complete agency API program.



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