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HTML validation, made easy
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HTML Proofer, Dockerized Build Status

HTML validation, made easy. This repository is the HTML Proofer Ruby gem wrapped up in a Docker container, so you don't have to fuss with installing things like Ruby or Nokogiri.


Requires Docker.

docker run 18fgsa/html-proofer

This will print out the usage instructions. Arguments for the htmlproofer CLI can then be appended to the command. Note that it's not (yet) recommended this be used against live sites due to this issue.

Directory of files

e.g. those created by a static site builder like Jekyll or Hugo. You will need to mount the directory as a data volume so it's available in the container, like so:

docker run -v /absolute/path/to/site/:/mounted-site 18fgsa/html-proofer /mounted-site

Single file

You can also mount a single file, like so:

docker run -v /absolute/path/to/file.html:/mounted-file.html 18fgsa/html-proofer /mounted-file.html

GitLab CI

You can use this image in GitLab CI, just configure job in .gitlab-ci.yml like this:

  image: 18fgsa/html-proofer:gitlab-ci
    - htmlproofer _site --empty-alt-ignore
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