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Make this:

2016rshah's Github chart

with this:

<img src="" alt="2016rshah's Github chart" />

Of course you can replace 2016rshah with your own github username.


Being able to look back through the year and see how productive you've been is a great feeling, and that little green calendar is honestly one of my favorite data visualizations. But there's no reason it should be constrained to only living on the github website, you should be able to put it anywhere you want!

For example, I personally think it would really spiff up a personal website.

Color Schemes

We also support custom color schemes! You can provide any base color and we will make shades for the chart. Just visit<HEX-COLOR>/2016rshah and replace <HEX-COLOR> with your hex color code, not including the leading hashtag. For example if you want a blue-themed chart that is based around the hex color #409ba5, you can visit the following route:

<img src="" alt="2016rshah's Blue Github Chart" />

2016rshah's Blue Github Chart


If you see anything that can be improved send in an issue/PR.

To get the code up and running, make sure ruby, etc. is properly installed, then run bundle install, then run ruby app.rb and visit localhost:4567 in your browser.

To deploy, make sure heroku cli is installed, login, add the heroku remote, and run git push heroku master.

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