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Included here is code for running an instance of, including the IPFS-specific scripts.


Pomf's suggested setup was Nginx + PHP5.5 + MySQL, but was also confirmed to work with Apache 2.4 and newer PHP versions. runs a standard Ubuntu LAMP stack, but Nginx should still work (note that install locations/vhosts/etc. would need to be adjusted appropriately). Python is required for the snapshot utility.


mkdir /home/www-data
chown -R -v www-data /home/www-data
sudo -u www-data HOME=/home/www-data ipfs init
  • If you are using upstart, move runipfs.conf to /etc/init/, otherwise adapt it as appropriate for your system.
  • Set up the DB from schema.sql
  • Alter includes/ as appropriate
  • For the paste utility, you will need to either:
sudo -u www-data HOME=/home/www-data ipfs pin add -r QmazFHudWq91G7GxuWTpyRWZ1Pc2jg3wnwc2RrgVy5GSa3

OR if that doesn't work (i.e. is offline)

sudo -u www-data HOME=/home/www-data ipfs add -rq paste_content/

and move the hash to paste.php:34.

  • For the snapshot utility, move to /home/www-data/ and change the DB info as appropriate. You may also need to do
sudo -u www-data HOME=/home/www-data ipfs object new unixfs-dir
sudo -u www-data HOME=/home/www-data ipfs pin add -r QmUNLLsPACCz1vLxQVkXqqLX5R1X345qqfHbsf67hvA3Nn
  • Finally, merge cron_entries with your server's crontab.