Base image for Common Lisp projects with SBCL or CCL and latest ASDF, Qlot and Roswell
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svetlyak40wt Version 0.6.1
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Qlot was upgraded to b4b408b890347d94a4c31f8d5c3359472ae2931a where CL_SOURCE_REGISTRY variable is respected and extended.
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Base Lisp Image

This is a base lisp image for 40Ants projects.

Latest version of this image is 0.6.0. It includes Qlot, Roswell (, ASDF ( and following Lisps:

  • SBCL: 1.4.11
  • Clozure CL: 1.11.5

Image is based on LTS Ubuntu Trusty (16.04).

It is hosted on the Docker Hub. Choose appropriate version in the ChangeLog and download it from DockerHub's releases page.

How to use

Quick start

Start container for development:

docker run \
       --rm -ti \
       --name dev-lisp \
       -p 4005:4005 \
       -v `pwd`:/app \

And of cause you can use it as a base image in your own dockerfiles.

Inherit your own image from base-lisp-image

Here is a minimal example:

FROM 40ants/base-lisp-image:latest-ccl-bin

COPY qlfile qlfile.lock app-deps.asd /app/
RUN install-dependencies

COPY . /app

CMD /app/

This way you can use this image for deployment of your application.

How to build a new image



  • Embed SLY to make it available out of the box.